30 Comments on “Scheer questioned over Conservatives' same-sex marriage and abortion policy”

  1. For gods sake talk about what is important to most Canadians, wage increases, dropping taxes and get the wastes of skin off of welfare so the people who do require welfare can live a good life. Vote Trudeau so out west we are pushed to seperate.

  2. Alberta needs separation from Canada. The new country of Alberta should be like the country of Jordon: homosexuals, LGBTQ2+, social/cultural marxist, are all encouraged to move to Canada. To hell with Canada!

  3. Leaders need to defend everyone including terrorists?! How about defending Canadian Veterans?
    These are social issues; let society work this out; and not the government. How about lowering peoples taxes?!
    Do your job! Manage our country.
    Don't tell people what they are allowed to think in order to be apart of your global vision.
    Trudeau is going to start a civil war!
    Trudeau actually goes out of his way to divide people!
    Let a sleeping dog lay.
    Most Canadians don't really say what they think; because they want to keep the peace; but this guy just keeps pushing.
    You might find that most people don't think like you Mr. Trudeau.

  4. In a democracy the will of the majority usually becomes force of law, but democracy also implies the right of not be in agreement with the majority. Scheer has already agreed not to challenge established laws. His personal convictions are his own business.

  5. Nobody except welfare quebeck cares abotu social issues. They have been settles in 2004 and 1988 by the supreme garbage court. If scheere does not scrap the Carbon Tax and cut off transfoer payments to La Garbage Province que-beck, he can be sure the West will go bye bye mafioso quebeck. que-beck…LOL!!!!

  6. Haha ,yeah right…Scheer is a religious zealot who will impose his fellow Christian supporters views into law without debate as much as he is allowed by law.

  7. CBC so full of s*** no one really cares about climate change nobody sits around the dinner table or older water cooler work and talk about hey did you hear about the climate change story they only care about taxes and immigration is the two most important items

  8. Why hasn't anyone questioned his stance on the economy? All we hear about are these distractions. Let's focus on issues that we are all concerned about deep down.

  9. Strategic voting 101: we Know that only the Tories or Libs will govern after Oct, we know both are polling below majority level, we know that a Lib minority will be legislating strong NDP or Green environmental/social policies to govern in a minority parliament, so unless you live on Vancouver Island (where you should definitely vote Green), or in a riding with a strong NDP incumbent, vote Lib to keep the Tories out, because the Tories will be a disaster for the economy and environment. Unless the Libs pick up 6% more votes than they currently have (highly unlikely, but polls will warn us), the NDP and Greens will have the balance of power if you vote Lib, and Hyper-Partisan, Voter-Suppression Poilievre will NOT be messing with the best economy ever, not to mention Anti-Abortionist, Homophobic Scheer with the power of the PMO. If, by election day, the Libs are polling at 38% or more again, vote your heart, NDP or Green, but if they are polling under that, job 1 is keeping the Tories out of power, because even they think Scheer and Poilievre are just seat warmers, which necessitates a Lib vote. Don't let your Green or NDP vote elect a Tory, just sayin;). That's strategic voting 101.

  10. Climate change, as the liberals describe it, IS NOT REAL. And even if it was (which I really encourage you to look into because it is FAR from settled science) last time I checked you can't throw money at the climate and change it. So how does a tax fix anything? ESPECIALLY on the average person!?!?

  11. Strategic voting 101. We all know that the only way to kick Trudeau and his government to the curb is by voting conservative. The last time they ran the show we paid less taxes and the economy went well after the global meltdown.
    Instead of paying debt down this liberal government has increased the debt and saved nothing for another downturn which has already begun.
    They have put the entire west out of work decimated our energy sector broken the law and committed criminal interference in our judicial system.

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