45 Comments on “SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today”

  1. He definitely should be wearing a hair net over the beard. Gross. But I agree with him! Glad the couple lost the case in the end. This is why a lot people are not are for the gay community…

  2. Same sex couple can't marry in Colorado but the state is against discrimination?!?!?!
    Until the state fix it's own shit I side with baker for his belief and his right to refuse services to anyone without reason.

  3. The baker was somewhat wrong, because he refused to bake a "generic" wedding cake, which the couple could modify after purchase. Then, spiting even his own community and his bottom line, he deliberately no longer baked beautiful wedding cakes for other Christian couples. His own loyal patrons were hurt by this decision. It's difficult to run a public business, while maintaining private biases.

  4. Gay marriage is wrong and they should never be allowed to adopt kids they lose that right when they choose to be gay let them try produce kids naturally oh wait they can't ever because it's against nature it's disgusting to hear a man calling another man his: husband stop pushing their agenda disgusting it's not a debate it's a fact gay marriage is not right

  5. The cake man has the right to refuse a customer. Religion is very important to some people and if he felt uncomfortable he should be able to say what he feels. Free speech. Something that the democrats love to use but hate it when republicans use. ?

  6. Since Jack Phillips is that religious, can he refuse service to Muslims? What if Jack has prejudiced towards Muslims, viewing their religion as bad.

  7. Its sad that his business is suffering because he stopped making wedding cakes. Imagine a regular couple gay or whatever going into a pizza store and asking for chinese food and they saying no. Then the people freaking out. The busines owner is just that. Theirs.

  8. This truly describes the true nature of gay couples. They are angry people. They truly have so much hate deep down. Anybody else would have just left and gone elsewhere. When I see a gay couple I always think who hurt you your mom or dad? Everything they do screams look at me, look at me. Who did not love you, your mom or dad? They need the attention so bad they have to have a parade so people can look at them. They are very internally weak. A person with strength can move on but not them. I think they are so desperate to get attention they will do anything.

  9. It's common sense that if someone denies you service, you move over to the next store/shop and not make it the Supreme Courts problem.

  10. I saw this on cnn in 5th grade people kept saying “tUrn iT oFf” “uHhhhh {teachers name” it was annoying how they said that now that i think about it

  11. Amen for following your faith. How can someone force you to accept a lifestyle that is contrary to your faith? We have to stand for God even if it means we lose every material thing in this world. Stand for God!

  12. Man…..its so funny that adults are sooo thin skin these days that they are willing ruin someone's career over a piece of cake.
    As a sixteen year old girl who is very knowledgeable of the important morals in society, i would expect that any average adult with a high school certificate would ask the baker why he refused, walk away( with respect) and find another bakery. This way, the conflict is solved in peace. This the most BASIC problem solving that was taught by every Guidance Counselor ever.

    If they did go to high school then it should have been clear the couple that the world is not catered to anyone; the world does not revolve around anyone.
    but i guess that's not the case

    It's so pathetic to have some 'mature' adults like these to act as an example for future generations. smh

  13. the LGBT needs to have common sense. If Christians can handle common sense, then there is no excuse for the LGBT to have no common sense

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