Seth Rogen Drags White Republican Who Tweeted ‘I’m A Black Gay Guy’


A failed Pennsylvania candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives who caused a stir on Twitter last year after tweeting that he was “a black gay guy,” when he is, in fact, a white man, made the mistake of picking a Twitter fight with actor, comedian, writer, and film producer Seth Rogen.

Dean Browning, who ran and lost in the 2020 Republican primary for U.S. House Pennsylvania District 7, inserted himself into a heated Twitter feud between Rogen and GOP Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday. The Twitter war began when Rogen wanted to let Cruz know he thinks he’s a “fascist,” but rather than simply ignore it, the Texas senator answered back, and the two have been trading insults on Twitter for days now.

Browning tweeted: “If @SethRogen lives in Canada, why is he so obsessed about our President and our Senators? How could you sit in another country all day obsessing about a different country’s politics? Go worry about Trudeau and company.”

Seth responded: “I live in America you stupid fuck,” to which Browning responded: “Interesting. So would you consider yourself American? In that case, is Ted Cruz not an American? Really stepping in it, Sethy!”

“I have an American passport and I vote in America and am an American citizen you fucking clown. Now go back to pretending to be a gay Black man and shut the fuck up,” Seth fired back, referring to Browning’s tweet many Twitter users believed was meant to go out via an alternate, fake account to bolster support for Republican causes.

After another response, Seth tweeted: “Dude just stop this is sad.”


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