Showtime Airs the Painful Complications of Trans Bottom Surgery


A transgender woman has opened up about a little-discussed complication that can result from bottom surgery on Showtime’s Couples Therapy.

Lauren, in the exclusive clip below from Friday’s episode, talked about how a urethral stricture (blockage) resulting from the procedure incited physical and emotional pain, which impacted sex life with her partner, Sarah.

The stricture “feels like jagged glass. And I have a lot of shame around it,” Lauren said.

“I feel like I did something wrong,” she said, adding, “I feel kind of incomplete. I feel very ashamed of where I’m at down there and I think I’m angry.”

Lauren and Sarah are one of four couples featured in the Showtime docuseries, which features intimate counseling sessions with Dr. Orna Guralnik over several months. Lauren brought up the complications related to her surgery in order to bring this issue to a national platform.

Watch the clip below and the full episode Friday, 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Showtime.


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