Singapore PM’s wife turns heads with pro-LGBTI posts


Singapore PM's wife turns heads with pro-LGBTI posts

Singapore PM’s wife, Ho Ching (Photo: Facebook)

Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister, has turned heads in the conservative city-state this week by sharing pro-LGBTI posts on her Facebook.

Her husband, Lee Hsien Loong, recently backed Singapore’s gay sex ban, saying it would continue ‘for some time’.

Meanwhile, in a recent survey, 53% of Singaporeans said they would react negatively if a family member came out.

But, Ho has surprised followers of her Facebook page by sharing article celebrating LGBTI wins.

On Thursday (25 July), Ho shared a post about high school in Taiwan allowing male students to wear skirts.

She also shared the news that Japan’s bar association had backed same-sex marriage in the country.

The leader’s wife, who also serves as CEO of Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek, made news last year when she shared an invitation to Singapore’s largest LGBTI event, Pink Dot.

This year, the event reiterated calls to repeal the city’s anti-gay law.

Singapore and gay sex

Section 377A of Singapore’s Penal Code punishes sex between two men with up to two years in prison.

This month, the conservative city-state’s Prime Minister said the law would be in place ‘for some time’. But, he said, the city still welcomed everybody.

While rarely enforced, recent polls reveal the majority of the conservative state’s resident support retaining the law.

Rights activists have launched a renewed push to repeal Section 377A after India abolished its similar colonial-era law (Section 377) in September last year.

Li Huanwu, Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew, also made news recently as he married his long-term partner in South Africa.

Photos of his marriage, attended by his father, the PM’s brother, went viral.

The PM’s brother also attended Pink Dot this year.


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