42 Comments on “Singing breaks out in Australian parliament as marriage equality law is passed”

  1. This country is stuffed watch what happens now there will be no more free speech and politician with a back bone to stand up for the truth a very sad day for normal people.

  2. The birds and the bees are smarter than the HOMONAZI perverts who HATE & FEAR people who dare have a conscience. God is punishing California for its SODOMY – and Australia is next to be hit by a FIRESTORM – North Korea is taking aim!!

  3. Being gay has never crossed my mind. I've always been straight. And now, I'm married. I get all legal "perks" of being married to the girl of my dreams. And it's wonderful. That being said, I'm so hap that this has been passed. When it comes to love, I believe everybody should have the right to be as happy as I am. This is a good day for Australia. Live and let love.

  4. Hallelujah and praise the lord! God is in control of EVERYTHING and she has allowed gay people to marry the one they love. Praise her divine wisdom..

  5. Australia celebrates and thinks Love but forgets Love God first — Jesus said if you love me you will keep all the Commandments . If we live by this the world would be a better place.
    Gays I am not against you or hate you _ sadly you are being used by the system. God Bless and NO Minister of God truly to the word cannot join you togeather. Next a course will be offered _ Legal binder or something another job creation Turnbull will be awarded for.

  6. Seek Jesus Christ people…. time is short. Since this law was passed is Australia every nation has been hit with very strange and unusual destructive storms and weather, even a drastic increase in violence etc which is still continuing…………. we are in end times, those who have eyes to see will see it, those who don't will remain asleep. As it was in the days of Noe and Lot so it will be in the coming of the Son of man (JESUS) …………….wake up all. Repent and seek Jesus Christ, no one is guaranteed the next breath,……. It is appointed unto men once to die than after this the judgment.
    Again people Seek Christ things are changing quickly now…. Hell on earth is coming.

  7. I hate the government espcially the one we have in australia
    It's never what we want it's what the politicans what
    I never asked for this and I never got a say.

  8. How about a referendum about the politicians taking a pay-cut like Malcolm Turnbull
    It unfortunately wont happen be these scummy politicians dont want to even though people want them to.

  9. People who are against same-sex marriage or same-sex attraction think of it like this it's like nature's way of birth control basically in a way. People who are attracted to the same sex aren't mentally ill either. Marriage is about trust, loyalty, commitment, and love of consenting adults. Homosexuality wouldn't be the end of humanity because people who are attracted to the same sex are the minority in a world sense. Religion isn't a good way to counter against same-sex marriage and attraction because not everyone follows your belief for example.

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