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  1. Wait, this came from a live stream? Was it just for Patreon subscribers? I didn't get a notification and didn't see it announced in my subscription feed.

  2. You are exploring deep theory here, and I hope you continue digging into it. I believe it is vital to understanding where we are. Now you delve into the specifics of dialectics, things that have been ignored for too long. Bourgeois liberalism was the "negation" of the old order, while the proletarian revolution is the "negation of the negation" in materialist dialectics. What has been forgotten is that that corresponds to Hegels "synthesis" in Marx's understanding. The healthy elements of the previous cultures are preserved in a new understanding that transcends both, but also transcends the consciousness of the revolutionaries themselves, being products of the old order.

  3. The over moralization that is applied to serious Leftward movements seems to be a autoimmune disorder of the Left in general; generated by historical ignorance and a allergy to cutthroat strategy. The Left in the developed world seems fearful of taking power in any meaningful way; scared of what they will do, what they could do.

  4. In California, it's perfectly legal to be naked in public UNTIL just one person complains DEMANDING you put your clothes back on and you don't. At that point, you have broken the law. Interesting huh? Only when a person complains.

  5. Broca's area in the brain, is a region in the frontal lobe of the dominant hemisphere, usually the left, of the brain with functions linked to speech production, and the area with which we associate feelings of "God," which is why scientist deists and atheists say that "Man created God", not the other way around. I remember Noam Chomsky chatting on stage at ASU "Origins Project" with Physicist Lawrence Krauss a few years ago, and Noam going off on how "thought" came before vocalized speech but should still be thought of as early "speech." Hmm….

  6. Please discuss the tire factory sit down strikes in Akron. They preceded the auto worker strikes and set the path for them. It's always overlooked. Akron had tens of thousands rubber workers at Sieberling, Goodyear, Firestone, Mohawk, and General Tire. These important events always get sidelined.

  7. Getting high on pot is good when I wish to create a work of art. It pits me into a state of deep concentration in which nothing exists aside from color and form or form in 3D if I decide to sculpt. It puts me in the same state of altered conciseness as a community project or working together with a horse which requires developing a shared language between you in order to communicate, something that doesn't exist naturally except in the crudest form with no nuance.

  8. Modern psychology is insanely bourgeois and reactionary. Take positive psychology or CBT. The core principles of these doctrines is that people are entirely responsible for their own misery. The problem never comes from class struggle, systemic oppression, massive inequalities and injustice. It's always just about the individual's mindset being bad and incorrect, somehow. That if people just changed their mindset, things will magically sort themselves out.

  9. In this time of pandemic I think it is important to remember that the only single ilness that man could erradicate from the face of the earth until now is small pox. Small pox erradication campaign was proposed to the UN and led by the Soviet Union under the direction of Dr. Viktor Zhdanov. An almost unknown hero, nobody speaks about him in media.

  10. I'm glad I discovered the You Tube channel of Richard Medhurst, a Christian Syrian, anti-imperialist and proud Syrian now resident in Britain.

    In his most recent video to appear on You Tube, Richard hammers western liberal-interventionists and left-liberal imperialists over their support of some of their country's political and military interventions in other countries purportedly in the name of "human rights", "demicracy", "freedom" and so forth.

    The White Savior Complex

    There are many more short videos on similar lines on his You Tube channel, including videos which expose the hypocrisy of "progressives" and some faux-leftists who regard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as some kind of "darling", when in fact, her warmongering Democrat party in practice is not much different from the warmongering Republican party.

    Check out Richard's channel:-

  11. One hour 19
    would you like me to do condensed versions for you ?

    just get them to me quicker

    I’m going to ask for extra credit for this work

    Caleb at least you did the best thing you could and told us why we should keep listening in the first two minutes

  12. Thanks Shapiro talks like machine gun bursts because he’s nervous about the bullshit he saying
    Caleb talks in Measured speech
    if you were to suddenly switch from Ben to Caleb
    … your head would hit the wall

  13. Caleb what youth programs would you propose for future generations? When there are no roads to pave no cities to electrify when everyone can read, write and is educated. What can be implemented to capture those feelings of belonging and purpose so to avoid loneliness and isolation so that when they grow old they can point and say with happiness and pride "I was a part of that. That was me and those were the happiest years of my life."

  14. Excellent video. Have you thought of writing short essays for someplace like Medium? Something like this condensed into a few paragraphs would be good for morale and citation.

  15. I heard about you on Thought Slime's channel. Yes, I still watch him because he can be pretty funny. Thankfully some comrades on Lemmygrad told me how full of shit his video about you was.

  16. In Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel argues that the development of self-consciousness is shaped by the dialectic between the desire for social belonging and the desire for self-autonomy. The historical development(spirit) that shapes this balance is itself caught up in a dialectic between societies that promote the community over the individual and societies that promote the individual over the community.

  17. Always enjoy a new perspective on Socialist thought, Caleb, and it never occurred to me to combine it with Freud's Civilization.
    Thanks for the novel analysis, and keep fighting!

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