20 Comments on “Spouses for Life — Documentary about Gay Marriage”

  1. Thank you. I remember when I learned that they were starting to marry people in San Francisco. I asked my assistant if she wanted to run up to San Francisco for about a week. Next thing I know, I was filming a documentary for the first time in my life.

  2. Hey, faster40thanu, you moron: Your "slippery slope" argument is a crock: Siblings of the opposite sex can't marry one another either — and iguanas can't enter into legal contracts. God, bigots are the most ignorant wastes of space on the planet.

  3. Here in IL it's being voted on to legalize civil unions – gawd I hope we win. My partner, our daughter, and I would cry tears of joy for days!

  4. i dont know how anyone can rationalise gay marriage being illegal! It being illegal only affects facists who have nothing better to do but oppose freedom and things they dont resoect or understand

  5. I am all about people being happy and I don't like say things about gay people because its a hot topic, but I'm not going to lie it does say in the bible that you are suppost to marry the opposite sex and that they are going to go to Hell. people do have the right to be happy but I really don't know what to think about gay marriage. I am kind of torn between what the bible says and love. I wouldn't ever be mean to someone for being gay though.

  6. @TheChivasare1 Thank you for responding to my film. Thank you for showing your indecision in the matter. As a man who loves God and another man, we trust in the Lord with our whole heart and lean not on our own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all our ways while believing He is setting our pathways straight.

  7. @Yeha11111 Oh…maybe you are talking about the song from Digital Soldiers. The one that talks about being free…hmmmm….I don't remember. If that's the one you are talking about, i'll see if I can find out. Is it the uptempo song?

  8. That's such BS that the courts ruled against the mayor. "Exceeded his authority…", oh sure. What a nice cover statement to allow a bigoted judge to make an unfair verdict.

    Anyway, I'd rather focus on the positives of this documentary. It was beautiful to watch the couples who were interviewed get married. The one couple's little boy was adorable. This is the way things should be. Love is love. Great doc Ted. You've just earned a new subscriber 🙂

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