20 Comments on “Stephen Colbert Defends Ted Cruz After Being Booed for Gay Marriage Views”

  1. Here is a reality check. The Right always talks about less government in peoples lives until it comes down to having them regulating what a woman does with her womb, and what people do behind closed doors with their marriages. Then they want all kinds of Government regulations imposing what they consider THEIR morality and their interpretation of the Laws. Funny how that works. Putting Ted Cruz in the White House would be like putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank. By the way, I don't believe in abortion, but frankly it's none of your _ _ _ _ _ _ _ business what my wife does or who my daughter's or son's marry.

  2. Seriously, the GOP has gotten scary. A bunch of homophobic, science denying racists. Carson's whole thing about Muslims is ridiculous too. The Bible advocates all kinds of things that go against the Constitution yet Christians seem to be able to set aside slavery and putting homosexuals to death (both of which the Bible advocates) and take the old college try at abiding by the Constitution.

  3. Note to Ted Cruz: the U.S. Supreme Court may hear appeals from State Supreme Courts if there is a question of law under the United States Constitution. The GOP are the party of white, racist, anti-gay paranoia.

  4. Booing Cruz is the SAME as booing Radical Islam…. mixing religion into politics… the SAME.. these politicians are radical freaks… they do NOT support our Supreme Court.. they do NOT respect laws of the land…They only support THEIR religious views.. the SAME as ALL radical governments… SCARY FREAKS

  5. in a democracy you have the right to be an idiot like ted cruz!
    but don't give him too much time on tv, because then we might all die of brain cancer.

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