Straight Utah Man Defends His Right to Wear Heels and Pantyhose


He betta sissy that walk!

Salt Lake City radio personality Paul Duane is clapping back at trolls who have taken issue with a video of him wearing a gray suit with heels and pantyhose. The brief video, which shows Duane picking up his luggage at a Florida airport, has gone viral with more than 7 million views.

Duane, a self-described “crossdressing Mormon anarchist” who reportedly identifies as straight, hosts the popular Soul Anarchist podcast.

“Dress sharp and always be on your best behavior, fellow Soul Anarchists, you never know who is watching,” he told his social media followers.

Duane clarified that what may look like a skirt in the video is actually “a custom tailored shorts suit.” He also shared that his secrets to great legs are to “go up two stairs at a time at every opportunity” and “great hosiery,” linking to his favorite brand.

While many responses have been supportive, Duane has been busy replying on Twitter to holier-than-thou haters. Why are these strangers so angry about his choice of attire? “When we are annoyed by someone else, it is usually because they remind our subconscious of a part of ourselves that we are at odds with,” he wrote.

“I’m a pretty normal dude who loves motorcycles, women, and rock ’n roll… who also likes nylons and heels once in a while,” Duane explained. “I like the way my suit, nylons, and heels look and feel. Quite simple. Most days, however, you’ll find me in biker boots, jeans and t shirts. Pretty boring.”

“Being a real man has nothing to do with outward appearances and everything to do with inner qualities,” he tweeted. “I know people will not always understand or like what I wear on occasion. It’s ok—the feeling is mutual.”

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