Stunning Photos Show Lesbian Pakistani-Indian Couple’s Traditional Wedding

Stunning Photos Show Lesbian Pakistani-Indian Couple's Traditional Wedding

The just married couple
(Picture: @biancamaieli)

Bianca Maieli and new wife, Saima Ahmad, showed that love has no boundaries recently as they married in a traditional ceremony.

The lesbian couple who met through mutual friends in 2014 married in traditional outfits in Bianca’s father’s back garden in California.

Bianca, a Colombian-Indian Christian woman, wore an ivory sari, and Saima, a Muslim woman from Pakistan, wore a sherwani, traditionally worn by men.

Maieli spoke to wedding blog, WeddingSutra, and said: “We had matching outfits for each event which were all designed by Bilal Kazimov, a friend and an incredible designer.”

The couple aimed to incorporate a mix of both of their cultures into the events.

Maieli explained: “We were keen on incorporating facets of both cultures in a way that was respectful and personalized at the same time. We had four events, each with its own color scheme and everything was mostly DIY.

“The celebrations began with the dhoki which was dominated by blue. The mayoun, which is essentially the haldi ceremony, of course, was all yellow. Our mehendi featured lots of pink. The wedding was dressed in white, gold, and lavender.

“Our engagement colors had been black and gold so we wanted to contrast that. We added the lavender because we got married in spring.”

The couple thanked their friends for helping to bring their vision to life: “Every small detail was splendid and the amount of work everyone put in for our special day was truly heartwarming. It really did take a village and we couldn’t have done it without them!”

A total of 200 guests attended the ceremony with it being officiated by one of their best friends.

“One of our best friends officiated the ceremony which we kept short so we could spend most of our wedding on the dance floor!”

In both women’s cultures, India and Pakistan, same-sex marriages are not yet legalized, despite India decriminalizing homosexuality.

We wish the beautiful couple the very best!!

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