35 Comments on “Surprisingly Good News for Pride Month | The Daily Show”

  1. Excuse me , Taiwan is NOT the first Asian nation to support same sex marriage!!! India legalized it in 2010! That's way before even The united states did!!! Btw in USA it's only legal in like 19 states isn't it?!! Check your facts! What are you fox news!?

  2. Now the german one was epic… and were talking about fucking german politics, a country who try to avoid emotion in politics cause last time they mixed both, it ended horribly.

  3. Wait… Japan was inclusive enough to have a homosexual couple in Sailor Moon back when it had to be censored in America for the same reason, and yet they didn't legalize homosexual marriage? I'm extremely confused here.

  4. https://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71550_2955_2976_82305_82310-447907–,00.html

    Here is just one ☝️ reason [of many] men should not have sex with other men. It is forbidden in the Holy Bible and because of that we have HIV/AIDS, hepatitis A. There is a reason there are NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES. No matter how much you people try to shove it down the world’s throat. Go be what you want and leave us alone. We don’t HAVE to be BRAINWASHED by you people to like it. There was a point that I was non judgmental however, it has been crammed in our face by Obama’s and now run rampant. He put rainbows on the White House? Is that not prejudice at its finest. We are all equal. None of these ridiculous movements like, “black lives matter.” Come on! ALL LIVES MATTER or you are a hypocrite. Do your business in private and stop infringing on OUR rights. I don’t want to hear who you have sex with, huhhhhhh?

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