39 Comments on “Taiwan approves same-sex marriage”

  1. Curious why they couldn't simply live together and use wills to pass on any property, instead of using legal papers to bind their relationships like conventional marriages, unless legalisation results in any significant spousal benefits.

  2. Western Disease is spreading. Soon they'll have degenerate kids like Desmond the Amazing on tv. They'll have gender attack helicopters and other none sense. They'll want to legalize pedo's like in the west soon.

  3. 把一个台湾省搞得乌烟瘴气,人伦丧尽,为了政治真的不择手段。日韩 新加坡 香港 澳门哪个不比台湾省发达,为什么都没这么激进?
    重申不是反对同志 相反内地对同志群体相当包容 只是难道要为了特定一小部分人在没有社会共识的条件下修改专法吗?
    哎 你们湾湾也只能靠这样博下国际媒体版面了 博得一些所谓的支持言论 一国两智

  4. This is an act of defence by tsai as she is ready to abandon ship . She knows that it would be hard for China if one day Taiwan reverts to motherland China.

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