TCB and StarKid Say Gay Rights

TCB and StarKid Say Gay Rights

Happy Pride Month everyone! To celebrate, I made a comp of the Good Gay Content from Tin Can Bros and StarKid stuff. There’s a little bit of angst in there …



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  1. I hate the fact you peppered in broken scenes from Spies are Forever in between other bits from other musicals. I go from laughing and being happy and screaming gay rights, to SOBBING AND PAIN AND WISHING IT DIDN'T END THE WAY IT DOES GOD UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

    But also I deeply appreciate you putting in "The Torture Tango" because that entire song is a special kinda kinky, masochistic song. And also gay rights

  2. Never before have I sang Workin' Boys with so much sadness and despair. You have no business breaking my heart with Curt and Owen and then throwing Professor Hidgens' mental energy in there

  3. i made my friend who hasnt seen a full starkid show & has only seen the TTO compilations i send him and he was so confused the entire time

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