42 Comments on “TCB and StarKid Say Gay Rights”

  1. Dude it’s so weird because starkid made me really ship quirrelmort but only in their universe so it makes it really hard to come up with plot stories for them if that makes sense

  2. I hate the fact you peppered in broken scenes from Spies are Forever in between other bits from other musicals. I go from laughing and being happy and screaming gay rights, to SOBBING AND PAIN AND WISHING IT DIDN'T END THE WAY IT DOES GOD UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

    But also I deeply appreciate you putting in "The Torture Tango" because that entire song is a special kinda kinky, masochistic song. And also gay rights

  3. Never before have I sang Workin' Boys with so much sadness and despair. You have no business breaking my heart with Curt and Owen and then throwing Professor Hidgens' mental energy in there

  4. i made my friend who hasnt seen a full starkid show & has only seen the TTO compilations i send him and he was so confused the entire time

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