TDR Live: SCOTUS Deals Blow to Trump's Anti-LGBT Agenda

TDR Live: SCOTUS Deals Blow to Trump's Anti-LGBT Agenda

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Francesca Fiorentini, host of Newsbroke on AJ+ and The Bitchuation Room podcast, to break down …



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  1. Before Trump realized he had to thoroughly hump his base, he did not give a damn about religion, lgbt, abortion–any of it. He was a hollow show biz guy. But he had to start pretending and his base humps him back for the sliver of better economy. Denying that he is tearing the economic structure to shreds.

  2. Trump moving his rally to the Day after Juneteenth take away from the importance of the Friday event. Who here is tome deaf. This give Bubba another day to drive into town. Just exactly how stupid are you?

  3. DON'T TELL ANYONE… I have a crush on Francesca, but I'm a 50 year old dude so I'll just have to suffer alone! I can handle it! Hahahahaha… seriously though… good looks and humor are a wicked combination! Rock it Fran… I'm your #1 fan! Oh shit, she has inspired me to write poetry! I got it bad! THIS is embarrassing! PLEASE: DON'T TELL ANYONE!

  4. they had his ID, his car, license plate. They could've just let him run off and got him later. It's not like he was going anywhere. they would've got him later. it was ONLY a DUI. FFS.

  5. It feels like "President Troll" is hell-bent on starting a second Civil War. It is certainly something that has been speculated. In a poll by the Rasmussen Report in June 2018 31% of probable US voters surveyed believed the United States will experience a second Civil War in the next five years. Our country is dividing and has been for some time. If things keep up…

  6. Did you know that that your spineless leader on this site doesn't like people hurting his little feelings. Real good at talking shit but too much of a pussy to take it. Fine person for a bunch of bat shit crazy bigots and haters to follow.

  7. Two in one week, SCOTUS preserved the DACA program, Trump MUST be getting close to a massive coronary after he stuffed the Supreme Court just to stop this stuff.

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