43 Comments on “Ted Cruz Discusses Gay Marriage, LGBT Laws”

  1. Straight Christians do not "own" marriage.  It is also not their place to DICTATE to the rest of humanity who is and is not allowed to marry.  Sorry, it is simply not their decision.

  2. these republican conservatives are evading the question because they know "religious freedom" does impose discrimination for LGBT people. religion is a epidemic cult that further divides and further presents judgment in the world, even bordering on fascism with all these unnecessary and unrealistic rules that are not true to the very science and biology of humankind. and they are picky choosey about what they will use the bible to judge, it also says in the bible that man should not eat shellfish because it is detestable, only fish with fins and scales are acceptable to be consumed. im sure ted cruz has had shellfish within the past year. they are hypocrites and wolves in sheeps clothing who have no grip on reality.

  3. He is talking about religion not marriage equality he asked what would happen to him and his husband THEY CAN STAY MARRIED AND MORE PEOPLE CAN GET MARRIED marriage is freedom no matter who it's with so is using the bathroom of the gender you identify with YOU CAN LOCK THE DOOR it's as easy as that I myself am a transgender male I still have to use the girls bathroom but I am MALE wouldn't that make the females uncomfortable?

  4. You can believe anything you want. What you can't do is pass laws that either hinder or advance religion. Cruz is an idiot. They are not 5 unelected lawyers. They are 5 judges who were elected by the president than confirmed by the Senate just like Constitution says. Constitutionalist my ass

  5. What doesn’t he understand about the fact that you can believe what you want to believe, you just can’t give people fewer rights because you don’t support them. You don’t have to suddenly agree with and support homosexuality just because you sold flowers to a gay couple.

  6. Marriage is only a woman and man for love and from that procreate another human.
    Two men or two women affair or same sex, they should create their own thing but not use the christian church which in bible do not approve homosexuality, it condemn.
    Homosexuality is a dystrophy in a human as a psychopath is a dystrophy in their mind too.

  7. Most Men in there 50’s & 60’s LOATH Homosexuals it’s just the way it is Men in there 70’s & 80’s would have no problem seeing Homosexuality wiped out..



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