That time identical twins both came out & transitioned together


Jace and Jack Grafe

Jace and Jack GrafePhoto: Screenshot/Fox 5

With Pride festivals around the nation canceled or postponed, is bringing the celebration to you with our new series “Flashes of Pride.” We’ll look back at some of our community’s finest moments from the past few years as a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, queer people will fight our way through it and dance when we hit the other side.

Jace and Jack Grafe are inseparable twins from Georgia who do everything together. They have the same friends, the same interests, and they are both working as corrections officers. They even came out together as transgender.

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Still, they were from small-town Georgia and they attended a Christian school. It took time for them to even share their feelings with one another. They continued presenting as girls until they finished high school, but when they were done they started exploring their options to live authentically.

The two say they “saved each other from a lot of really dark and depressing moments,” and by going public with their story, they may have saved others.




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