“The Babadook” Cements Its Gay Icon Status With Limited Edition Blu-ray


Grab your top hat and pop-up book because The Babadook is back—just in time for Pride!

The terrifying creature unexpectedly became a queer mascot back in 2017 when Netflix accidentally categorized The Babadook as an LGBTQ film.

Since then he has been spotted at Pride parades, on red carpets, and was even rumored to be dating Pennywise the clown.

Shout Factory

Now Shout Factory—in partnership with IFC Midnight—is releasing an official limited edition and numbered Pride-themed Blu-ray of The Babadook. The release comes complete with rainbow slipcover packaging. Only 2,500 of these will be made, and they will only be available on Shout Factory’s website.

Not only that, but Shout will donate a percentage of all Blu-ray and DVD sales from its website during the month of June to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Look at Babadook scarin’ folks for a good cause!

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