36 Comments on “the best gay wedding ever – Anthony + Logan”

  1. Stop posting or i say show off fcking luxury here we're struggling even coming out and u guys instead of posting inspirational videos u baastards show us that how unlucky we are fck u mf baastards

  2. If you love humans, you are loving God as well. (quoted from a movie) Here in my country, culture of homophobia is still very much evident especially among less educated people, that is why LGBT gay advocates are so much evident fighting gay rights?Hope this country will wake up one day that gay people are as important and the so-called 'straight' people are open minded and not bias, judgmental idiots! ?

  3. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous wedding, I am 2 years into me and my partner's relationship and I think this wedding will be a great expiration for us. A very happy one year anniversary!

  4. Am I the only one who is crying and smiling at the same time while watching this ? What a true happy love story ❤️. Many years of happiness to the couple ? !!!!

  5. Yours is a fairytale that I want in my life…. I hope that someday I can have a partner who loves me the way you two love each other…. so beautiful???

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