36 Comments on “the best gay wedding ever – Anthony + Logan”

  1. Stop posting or i say show off fcking luxury here we're struggling even coming out and u guys instead of posting inspirational videos u baastards show us that how unlucky we are fck u mf baastards

  2. If you love humans, you are loving God as well. (quoted from a movie) Here in my country, culture of homophobia is still very much evident especially among less educated people, that is why LGBT gay advocates are so much evident fighting gay rights🤗Hope this country will wake up one day that gay people are as important and the so-called 'straight' people are open minded and not bias, judgmental idiots! 🙄

  3. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous wedding, I am 2 years into me and my partner's relationship and I think this wedding will be a great expiration for us. A very happy one year anniversary!

  4. Am I the only one who is crying and smiling at the same time while watching this ? What a true happy love story ❤️. Many years of happiness to the couple 🥂 !!!!

  5. Yours is a fairytale that I want in my life…. I hope that someday I can have a partner who loves me the way you two love each other…. so beautiful😘😘😘

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