The best LGBTQ Podcasts to Binge in 2021


In 2021 if you’re not addicted to podcasts, then where have you been! The podcasting world has grown into a ginormous space full of information, laughs and ah-ha moments.

More so recently LGBTQ+ creatives have entered this space and have been giving us some amazing conversations to listen to on our commute homes.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of podcasts in 2021, so you don’t have to.

A Gay and Non Gay Charlotte Summers

A Gay and Non Gay

A Gay and A NonGay is the UK’s #1 award-winning LGBTQ+ podcast.  Hosted by comedians James Barr and Dan Hudson.

James and Dan dive into conversations around day to day life, differences in perceptions, homophobia, coming out, mental health and lighter topics like dating and Dan learning all about douching. 

The Log Books Charlotte Summers

The Log Books

The Log Books is an award-winning history of LGBTQ+ life in Britain as noted by volunteers at the helpline Switchboard.

Stories range from police entrapping gay men meeting for sex in toilets, to women losing custody of their children for being lesbians, to people kicked out of pubs for wearing pro-gay badges.

Busy Being Black Charlotte Summers

Busy Being Black

Busy Being Black is the podcast exploring how we live in the fullness of our queer Black lives.

It is a growing compendium of queer Black voices, an oral history project and conversations with those who have learned – and are learning – to thrive at the intersections of their identities.

Queer Talk Charlotte Summers

Queer Talk

Queer talk is an LGBTQ+ Podcast bringing you a regular dose of positive news stories and fabulous interviews, hosted by Mufseen Miah and Spencer Cooper.

The duo are joined by special guests each week sharing their stories and outlook on the world.

twotwos podcast Charlotte Summers

Two Two Podcast

Two black lesbians living in London speaking their unapologetic truth whilst creating a safe space for people like themselves and bridging the gap between LGBT+ people and Cis gendered straight people!

Dyking Out Charlotte Summers

Dyking Out

Hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, Dyking Out is a podcast about lesbian / queer life, news, and pop culture.


Queer podcasts are a great way to capture and explore the reality of being LGBTQ+. It’s great to listen to something and finally be able to relate to the narratives being shared, which doesn’t happen to often sadly!

We can’t wait to see all of the new LGBT+ podcasts to grace our streaming platforms soon!



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