20 Comments on “The Civil Rights Movement's Gay Hero You've Never Heard Of”

  1. Ummm God criminalized sodomy not the government. The civil rights movement was never for minorities. And he was caught who two gay prosititutes dummy
    Smh dumbass

  2. Thanks for showcasing that homophobia is colorless societal issue. This point of view can be used to graft consciousness to people that don't feel the heat of certain things like sexism or racism, all mainstream forms of bias, as opposed to those of us that make up a small part of the Counted therefore accountable LGBT population. Note: Senator Thurman is from a long line of great big ole hypocritical power abusers, cause he had a mixed race daughter.

  3. That’s not true Bayard Rustin was praise for his work in the civil rights movement but; it’s you white people that labels everybody and want to control the content of everyone’s story

  4. I feel sorry for those who havent heard of the brother until now. Every where you ser MLKs name or almost everywhere you ser MLK you ser Rustins name or you ser Rustin. Most solid civil rights docs recognize him even if not in a way thats empshasized on the level of King. So the real issue here is most people don't know Rustin because they only get their history from a school textbook, (which is no place at all to get history because they don't mention even a quarter of the people involved) and have no interest in reading or the subject of history beyond that and watch no documentaries on the subject either. Thats more of an at home problem. But whatever.

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