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  1. Oh !  I remember that day.  I knew something was going on and not exactly up there when all of a sudden I looked down and, to my astonishment, I found out that my cojones had gotten frostbitten.  Fortunately, my alarm clock rang out and I was able to step out of that mischievous and naughy nightmare.  Just reminiscing about it now gives me goose-flesh and makes the hairs in my pubes stand on end.  Quelle horreur !  mes amis !
    Un papillon folâtre et pas oublieux du tout.

  2. Excellent historical record…….And the pie in the face could not have happened to a more deserving person….40 years on and Anita Bryant's hatred is not forgotten nor is she sorry for the misery her campaign brought to millions across the country.

  3. There is so much history to the LGBT struggle, this documentary is very good at making the younger generation know what has already been done. Roots is for slavery, The Day it Snowed in Miami is for LGBT. This needs to be done on major network TV. And should also be a second film about the current Transgender issues, maybe call it the Day the Rainbow Shined?

  4. Funny how people like Anita Bryant that point at "EVIL" here and there, are actually the creators of evil themselves. That creation starts in their mind and is accompanied by a strong desire to infect others. As for being "Christian", a TRUE follower of Christ does not dare judge anyone else! Christ led his life as an example to all, NOT judging others! He helped the "outcasts" and terminally ill and asked us to love one another as oneself. He only spread love and acceptance towards everyone. These traits are those of a genuine and true Christian! Anita Bryant's son says about her mother in this documentary "My mom is very spiritual". The truth is, Anita Bryant is not spiritual AT ALL because spirituality is NOT of the physical, she's denouncing love between two people of the same sex based on only the physical. It seems many people conveniently misunderstand these basic Christian/spiritual concepts and use THEIR hate in the name of God or Christ!

  5. Wtf I thought this was about snow. But since I'm here. Gay rights are NOT the same as civil rights. I can NOT dress or undress or act a certain way to my black skin. Truth is unless you let people know you your sexual identity you can mask it. I can't hide black. Do you but know and understand it is NOT the same.

  6. So, I google The day it snowed in Miami, and this Garbage shows up Holy crap this is the genesis to the agenda that is now… Shame … I just wanted reporting on snow in Miami. And this clickbait crap is first.. Very telling…

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