27 Comments on “The Fight For Gay Marriage Is NOT Over”

  1. 2008-Obama was against "gay marriage."
    2008-Gay Marriage was still a debatable issue.
    2019-Gay marriage is still a debatable issue. HOW DARE U U BIGOTED NAZI KKK MEMBER!!!!!?????

  2. I think Crowder and "Not Gay Jared" are gay lovers. Dead serious. Anyone that has to call themselves "Not Gay" is 100% gay and so ashamed it eats at them every second.

  3. 5:27 Sam completely misses the joke lol. It's not that being gay is like joining ISIS, it's that ISIS kills gays by pushing them off rooftops, which is what Binky is shown doing to Mr Ratburn.

  4. I agree with the overall thrust of the video, but you did not get that joke at all (I'm not saying it was funny, or that the correct interpretation is better, only that you missed said interpretation).

  5. I used to be in the Crowder cult before he hit 1 million subs. Got I was a fucking idiot then and he somehow has gotten EVEN WORSE. This is what the last gasp of white nationalism in America looks like, we're just gonna have to stay tough. It will end.

  6. the fight is over. Gay marriage is legal (thankfully). There will always be rude, disgraceful people on the earth. We can't enforce a totalitarian order of thought

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