39 Comments on “The fight for gay rights in Kenya | What happened next?”

  1. Putting Kenyans on white mans news media house to discuss about LGBT with aims of promoting such nonsense in Kenya won't work. We are a people with traditions, African traditions mind you and here my friend that thing won't be tolerated. It's not about what the government or court says, it's about the people and they unanimously voted no for it. It's a complete abomination, one that the Kenyan people won't accept and assume to be the norm, that's a lie and you are a fool to think otherwise or imagine you will convince or manipulate Kenyans to think otherwise. We are not your ordinary black man punda hii, this is Kenya

  2. Society is reeking in corruption, and it is in a steady path to perdition. The widespread glorification of alternative lifestyles is conclusive proof. In the Bible, the wiseman gave the secret to a nation's prosperity. He declared, "Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 16:34. The sins that led to the destruction of the cities of the plain are taken pleasure in. Let us resist the advances of these grievous vice.

  3. These are the end times when good becomes evil and evil becomes good. (Isaiah 5:20)

    Romans 1:32
    Though they know God's decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them.

  4. when ever the issue on gay marriage is brought up,all liers,fornicators,people who curse,drink and smoke are now suddenly concerned with what the Bible allows.

  5. There are so many homosexuals in Africa. Despite the fact that the "religious "people are so against it. Not even the government can prevent it. We should fight homophobia as a country… Happiness is what matters,,, not defined by gender but who your hearts trurly yearn for. People are so okay with fornication, adultery and to some extent incest yet LGBTQ is their worst nightmare.go about your business and let everyone choose their path in life.

  6. It is not love…there's no such thing as love between same sexes. A man with religion and with a sane mind would never accept such practices. This is just a scheme to make us far from God and do animalistic practises. And no one is born gay , it's just a lifestyle people choose !

  7. Why do westerns think it’s all about them? Gay honestly has to be illegal everywhere. Thank God I am from the Middle East.

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