7 Comments on “The gay marriage debate at the Supreme Court, explained”

  1. People born in the USA are American citizens.  The Constitution has age restrictions for things like what age to hold a certain office and the age to vote.  Are all other age restrictions against American citizens unconstitutional?  And if society can discriminate against these protected people and have their constitutional rights violated of whom society deems is a child, then why can't other supposedly protected groups of people have their rights violated?

  2. Wikipedia says there is no real historical precedent for gay marriage., Look up same sex unions or such..  The current trend is just made up from current scratch. No society had it, in numbers, Just isolated cases, like the mad emperor Nero.   ( dont confuse this with same sex couplings, fools)

  3. https://vdare.com/articles/ann-coulter-kavanaugh-threatens-the-left-s-right-to-cheat The Constitution never approved or banned gay marriage, never mentioning it in fact. It is left to state voters to decide on its legality in referendum. If the Supreme Court overrules voters because it says the Constitution says it allows it and the Constitution automatically overrides state voters, then they are cheats, liars and represent an acute, profound threat to democracy, and Congress should immediately vote to severely limit the power of the Supreme Court and its despots who usurp powers outside of their legal jurisdiction. This should be the logical outcome in a democracy. Why it isn't goes to show that democracy is under assault and in peril. The Constitution says "We The People", not "We the Power Supremacy Court", or "This document cannot remain silent on gay rights which it 100 percent supports and overrides any opposition on the subject matter". You cannot have a dictatorship imposed by the minority Democrat party by means of its connections with the Supreme Court which constantly usurps powers.

  4. If a man and another man are together or woman and another woman are together you shall not inter my kingdom of heaven this is what it’s says in the Bible god made man and woman to be together not of the same sex

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