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  1. I just read a true story of a lady that came out of that. She says that it stems from being rejected as children and the need to fit in.

    America needs prayer so we can heal.

  2. The Red Scare was based on fact, there were are lot of Communists in the Government. We had just come through 16 years of a very left wing Democrat government that had many "reds" (as they used to call them) in high places in the government. The fact that homosexual leftists were caught up in this had less to do with their sexual persuasion than the fact they were "fellow travelers" of the USSR. And in those days, homosexuals could be blackmailed by Soviets to perform spying tasks to support the Russians.

  3. We need more films/ documentaries like this to educate even our own community because I am often hearing: " why do we need pride and visibility?" Well it sums exactly the reason WHY! Kudos to everyone who has resisted the persecution and shame on those who broke so many lives and their dreams.

  4. The fear, hatred and bigotry are still in the Federal government. Policies have changed, but many people's attitudes haven't.

  5. The good ole days weren't so good. The Lavender Scare story reminds us that, yes, America has been Fascist about minorities in the past.

  6. Ironically the true communist was McCarthy himself, because he didn’t believe what America supposed to be, he didn’t believe in freedom, he believed in a dictatorship.

  7. Here's another "lavender scare': In the early 60's when I was less than 10 years old my family was stationed in Paris, France. I used to steal Cokes from the refrigerator (we lived on the economy (non-military residency)). . .sugar rush, baby bottle, exhilaration from being held was the thrill. I would lie (prevaricate) about my thefts. The parents would make me watch while my siblings were punished for what I did. We were transferred to Arizona. I was led (by a friend) to where a Coke machine was in a field at a metal building across the street from a water tower . . . in the desert. We could reach up into this 'vending' machine and pull Coke bottles out. 30 miles away was an open-pit copper mine . . . Lavender Pit . . . la-vendor pit? They were making me into a thief so that they could punish me for stealing. They're still doing it to this day. The lavender scare. Thousands and thousands of times. I think they use me as a fulcrum to determine the day's festivities.

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