22 Comments on “The march of marriage equality”

  1. If only the Supreme Court ban discrimination for gay people but that has not happened because of religious extremist claiming that banning discrimination among gay people will violate religious freedom

  2. Unconstitutional rulings by judges going outside their perview as judges.Marriage has been around 5000 years it isnt decided by judges or even governments.Leftists couldnt get this done by democratic means so get a judge to make stuff up.This has nothing to do with love or equality.Nobody was denied marriage,its simply being used to legitimize the pederast/sodomy delusional agenda.Trying to force people to accept mental deviance as sex and sexuality.It has no legal basis as justice roberts pointed out.This was all judges forcing the leftist agenda on the population.

  3. Dumb question but what did gays do before 2004 before gay marriage was legal anywhere in the US? Like how would they live their lives?

  4. no to gay marraige yes to mother and father if gays say love is love then who are they to say incest isnt love is love. if abortion is a womens rights issue then why are so many female babies aborted.

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