10 Comments on “The Problem With Wignats”

  1. Some of the points you made in the video were fine but to put Richard Spencer and Nick Fuentes in the same bag is just ridiculous. Richard spencer is a cringe wignat I agree but Fuentes is an america first nationalist who is a white majoritarian/identitarian. Big difference between being an identitarian and a full blown white supremacist which is what spencer is. Plus richard spencer unironically supports biden while fuentes is a huge supporter of trump. and not to mention nick talks all the time on his show about how much he dislikes wignats and how much he hates people like richard spencer. So overall your vid has some decent points but the groypers are not even near the wignats at all. the only groyper who could *maybe* be considered a "wignat" would be patrick casey. but even if he is a so called "wignat" he would be an extremely moderate one.

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