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  1. 10 years sounds like too much. We live in a world run by the idea-mills of social media and cell phones. New ideas burst out into the scene constantly. I bet wokeism will be overturned quickly.

  2. Already crushed by this and I'm only 10 minutes in. What an incredibly insightful and coherent discussion and stellar panel, tied up with a bow by the excellent moderation.

  3. My Liberal Stand Up Jokes ;
    Liberals don't believe in free will, they believe someone else will.
    Liberals don't want peace, they want a free piece of the action.
    Trump is offering free life coach counseling to any Liberal working at minimum wage.
    Liberals think that everything that is unfortunate is unfair and that someone else's success is at their expense.
    What do you call an Amber Alert for a missing Liberals? You call it an; "Amber Alert".
    Liberals are allergic to peanuts, Glutton, Lactose, pollen and truth.
    Liberals suffer more from depression more than others because they think happiness is the same thing as "fun".
    A Liberal's favorite wines are; "You can't say that!" and "I don't like the way how Trump talks and the way he says things and he doesn't act like a real politician is supposed to act and HE SCARES ME!"
    Why did the Liberal cross the road? Because everyone else was…BAAAA SHEEPLE SHEEP.
    What is better, the dignity of a hard day's work or the indignity of being a Liberal playing with yourself in your mom's basement.
    What's the difference between a gun and a Liberal? Guns only have one trigger.
    Why do Liberals eat TidPods, snort condoms and don't know what washroom to use?
    Liberals think that it's not fair that some have more than others, someone else's success is at their expense and everything that is unfortunate in life is unfair and someone else's fault. 🙂

  4. The ideas of Original Sin and individuals' responsibility for the Blood of Christ are Western Christian concepts. 

    In Eastern Orthodox Christianity the sin of Adam and Eve was their sin alone, or we say the Ancestral sin. All babies are born free from sin. In the West all babies are born with the stain of the sin of Adam & Eve. This major difference between the two Churches and this idea of guilt being passed down results in the concept of a judgmental God and scared people.

    The Blood of Christ has no guilt associated with it. All men are guilty of falling short of the Glory of God, but no individuals or groups are guilty of what would have to be defined as a crime if there was to be guilt. Without the sacrifice of Jesus there would have been no conquering of death and therefore the ability for humans to resurrect into eternity. The Christ had to go to the Cross, and He did so willingly and His Blood is healing, not condemning. .

  5. I was a white girl from a farm who got a summer job at a Maine girls’ camp in the 1970’s. It was traumatic, just as Wesley described, because all the other counselors and campers were from the wealthiest sections of NYC. They let me know, even viciously, that I was quite the outsider.

  6. Why doesn't wesley have a massive youtube presence???? He NEEDS to go on weinsteins( all of these guys have DEEP understanding of current year), TRIGGERnometry, Epoch times ATL, etc. Serious he has massive insight to share and NOT just on the shithole of twitter.

    Ps. lets get 3 brilliant thinkers then only give a hour to talk complex issues. Be better, should have been rogan length.

  7. Off on the wrong foot by saying "The killing of George Floyd." There hasn't been a trial…I'll bet Hughes does his "Tony Timpa got killed by cops so it's not about race" piece. Every youtube academic talking in circles more pointless than any time before.

  8. What I find so confusing about this new ideology is that it in the one sense calls EVERYTHING a "social construct" even when it clearly is not… and then takes something that truly is a social construct and not really scientifically specific (racial categories) and turns it into an inescapable scientific reality of ULTIMATE importance above all else. Its almost like taking everything we knew based on 100s of years of social and cultural evolution and turning it upside down. Which I guess might be worth exploring or debating intellectually. But what is worrisome is that even the idea of debate and open discussion is being destroyed at the same time these relatively new ideas arise. Its as if a lot of elitist children are DEMANDING mommy and daddy simply do as they say or they will duct tape their mouths and burn down the house.

  9. I don't know why tribalism isn't talked about more. I think there are innate ideological events that happen from a inherent biological behavior, like feeling like a part of a group is to attack people who aren't a part of your group. Seems so basic, I suspect their are studies on this and it's affecting people, but in what way and what elements are people not aware of it's effect.

  10. If liberalism/meritocracy in higher education failed did it fail because not enough PoC are in higher education? And if Successor Ideology fails will we try something different? or will be Communist China by that point?

  11. I think this a result of white young people becoming more like black people…..a racial backlash on both sides to what Barack Obama represented. Meritocracy…..rejected by young ppl on both sides.

  12. Bronx teacher checking in – I can confirm the anti-racism has been creeping in since I started 4 years ago. This past year, the professional development .day I went to was opened with a key note from a professor of Columbia's teacher's college who told us that we had to perform archaeological type dig into our actions and the biases and our own racism. I am lucky to be at a school known as Law & Community service so we are quite pro police – many of our students come in with the idea of going into law enforcement or becoming lawyers.

    Great conversation!

  13. Is it possible to get text transcripts of these panel discussions? I'm a very audio-visual person with the patience to listen but I have a hard time sharing these discussions with friends because they refuse to watch a video that's longer than 5min and would rather read.

  14. It seems so obvious to me, that the intended "successor ideology" is elitism, that I fin it hard to take "experts" who can't figure this out seriously. There seems to be an indoctrination problem that prevents many youngsters (I'm getting old ; ) from even considering the possibility that hyper-wealthy/powerful elites would want to rule over us, despite the history of our planet, which involves almost exclusively just that . .

  15. Some power hungry monster came up with "successor ideology" to manipulate various groups of people into becoming soldiers against Liberty (freedom of speech, religion, etc). I ask myself, who hates Liberty this much? Or maybe, who wants to rule the world and is willing to kill us all to hold the scepter? There is one way to stop it. Don't turn your children over the educational system at any level. My prediction, successor ideology is peaking now and it won't take ten years to dissolve. This pandemic has lifted the skirt of the ideology for all to see. If I'm wrong, God help our children and grandchildren.

  16. There's apparently no research or scholarship or even much articulation behind this "successor ideology" label. It seems to be a label for certain pundit's anxieties. That's it.

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