23 Comments on “The #WalkAway LGBT THROWDOWN (Left vs. Right Debate)”

  1. The moderator is woefully misinformed or uninformed. His questions, based on faulty knowledge of the political Right betray that he lives in an ideological bubble. He didn't even know how to pronounce Laura Ingram's last name nor did he know how to pronounce Mark Levin's name. Geez.

  2. @2:05 … Tayisha said she represents the black community … who voted for her to represent blacks in America? How many people does she really represent? I am white, can I represent white people? Her assertion that an indvidual can represent the interests of all the folks of the same compexion is really insulting.

  3. Love the attitude here. This is the way to go with debate. Very polite! Love the lady. No doubt she will walkaway oneday. I must say gays are much better with conservatives. Its appalling that LGBT would join hands with Tlaib and than omar. By the way 28 percent voted for Trump. They are much safer with Trump

  4. More rights, special rights, and designated group rights, are not equal rights. It is one group of Americans deemed more worthy than all others- be it race, sex, or any other ranking = supremacy.
    Rights above all others, special treatment above the rest, and a general "pass" for a group as a whole, is a tyrannical assault on the most fundamental qualities of the Constitution.

  5. Ridiculous, I can´t believe they call this a debate. Everyone just expresses their thoughts on a topic, barely related to the previous statements. That´s not a way to progress, it just strengthens the polarization of "left" versus "right" as if the answer was so simple…

  6. black girl saying due diligence in research on the topic vicepresident is the president but she did not research how black people did to black people stuck high on too much im oppressed give me attention and money

  7. Stumbled upon this video because of a small clip from the BLM debate that was posted elsewhere. I never would I have ever watched anything LGBTQ related because when I think of LGBTQ I think of the group on the gay town hall side and I more or less roll my eyes, and it's for the exact reasons the walk away side speaks of. I was so taken waaaaaay back by the response I saw from walk away on this clip, not knowing anyone in the LGBTQ community had these views (because of media I guess) I had to watch more. So here I am now watching through 2.5 hours of LGBTQ debate, someone who wouldn't have made it past the acronym if it were in the title. You have captured my attention and interest, I believe if your side was prominent I would hold more value to the stance of the LGBTQ.
    Just as an after note of my comments, I do support the rights of every letter in the acronym I just never felt much admiration to the official representative group LGBTQ

  8. I’d like to see the dude practicing his free speech here to vilify our president go to any other society on earth and see how free or alive he is. Trump is fighting for those freedoms, across the globe. So nieve and entitled

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