This CrossFit Athlete Showed Real Strength When He Came Out as Gay


Some people lift and uplift.

Award-winning CrossFit competitor Alec Smith has come out as gay in an emotional Instagram video.

Smith captioned the post as “one of the hardest things I’ve had to do,” also joking, “Took a DNA test, turns out I’m gay.”

“I know this isn’t a fitness related post, but there’s been something on my mind that I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys for a while about now, and I think I’m finally ready to,” he told his 300,000+ followers this week.

“So, I’m gay, and I’m at a point in my life now where I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted it and I’m happy with who I am.”

Smith recalled first being attracted to guys when he was 12 and that he “hated” himself for it. He began playing sports to help hide and distract himself from who he really was. “It just got to the point where it was unhealthy,” he admitted.

Alec decided to come out to his online fans because he wants to be more open about his personal life and experiences.

“Ever since I was a kid, I told myself I was never gonna tell anybody and that I was just gonna hide it and figure it out when I’m older,” he said. “And I’m older, and I’m still figuring it out now. I still don’t really know who I am and it’s okay. It’s okay not to know who you are.”

While Smith has found supportive friends in New York who gave him the confidence to live his truth, he told his LGBTQ followers to not feel pressured to come out: “This is your life, you shouldn’t feel like you have to please anybody else. When the time is right, the time is right. It takes some people a month, it takes some people 26 years.”

“When you’re finally able to be yourself,” he concluded, “your life will change, and it will change for the better.”

“Change doesn’t happen overnight,” Smith later wrote in another Instagram post. “It starts with one small step in the right direction. Extremely overwhelmed with the amount of love and support over the last two days. This community is truly amazing, people are amazing. Love will always win.”

Watch Smith’s announcement here.

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