This guy asked Grindr users how they were voting in the election


Someone practically did the lord’s work by surveying London-based Grindr users their voting intention, and they’re exactly what you would expect. (Tom Court)

In the only poll that matters during the UK’s third general election in five years, 77 per cent of London-based Grindr users intended to vote for the Labour Party today.

They might be a dom top in the sheets, but what are they voting in the streets?

Polling 788 Grindr users in the capital city, Tom Court surveyed users’ political intention on the hook-up app.

According to his data, around 77 per cent of London Grindr users intended to vote Labour, a 16 per cent increase from the last election.

Kinks include: Voting for Labour, says study. 

The remaining members were fractured in their intentions. Around 12 per cent said they’d vote Conservative, just five per cent intended Liberal Democrat.

The Official Monster Raving Looney Party attracted two per cent of users, The Brexit Party saw one per cent, Plyde Cymru one per cent and the Liberal Party one per cent.

‘I’m here for d**k, not politics.’

Moreover, 19 users stated they were undecided on which box to tick at the ballot today.

(Tom Court/Twitter)

As much as countless users list their kinks and preferences, political allegiances aren’t always front and centre of Grindr profiles.

But one user, “Kinky Spank Dad”, said he was proudly intending to vote Labour.

Although, after Court thanked him for taking part in his survey, he asked the hard-hitting question: “No problem, do I get spank you now?”

While Laganjaestranja said they’re voting for the Brexit Party “because I’m stupid and I want to vote for someone who is insulting me every day as a person of colour from the EU and from a worker family”.

And ‘Humiliate Me said “Tory, sir”.

Although, one user called Sub Slut asked Court: “You realise this is Grindr, not Question Time.”

“I do not realise that,” Court responded.

And in the most relatable sentence evert typed, the user hit back: “I’m here for d**k, not politics.”

Same, Sub Slut, same.

Around 50 per cent of Scottish Grindr users intended to vote SNP. 

Here’s a sample of the exchanges Court had with prospective voters below:

(Tom Court/Twitter)
(Tom Court/Twitter)
(Tom Court/Twitter)
(Tom Court/Twitter)
(Tom Court/Twitter)

Rose emojis bloomed across profiles, while in Scotland, around every one in two user said they intended to vote for the Scottish National Party.

While 21.9 per cent said Labour and 8.3 per cent Conservative and Unionist Party of this surveyed across the Central Belt of Scotland, in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.

(Tom Court)

No users surveyed expressed an intention to vote for The Brexit Party or UKIP.

Two users stated they intended to vote for Lord Buckethead, who has since rebranded as Count Binface and come out as an LGBT+ ally.

Furthermore, five users, Court said, replied with “general nihilism”.

Relatable content, to be honest.


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