This week’s socially distant winners and losers in LGBT sports

It’s time once again for Outsports to stop the clock for an instant reply of the week that was. It’s my way of memorializing the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats, and the players and personalities who made them, lived them or just couldn’t avoid them.

This week, all the entries are practicing social distancing, just as we all should. I realize my roster may differ from yours, and I welcome your comments, contributions and critiques. I read them all! Details on how to reach me are below, after our look at the week’s winners, losers and hopefuls.

Denis Finnegan of Ireland

Denis Finnegan is one of the most decorated gay athletes in track & field to come out publicly. He just wants to help. He came out on Cyd Zeigler’s Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast.

Barr and the U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief this week in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by three cisgender athletes in Connecticut, who say it’s unfair for them to compete against trans girls. Barr and DOJ says they’re not girls, they’re male, echoing the anti-LGBTQ hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents the girls who are suing.

Colby Grey is bummed that his sport’s season was cut short, but he is keeping a positive spirit.

Jonathan Vriesema misses sports but he mostly misses the personal connection he has with students.

Katie Sowers, the first gay NFL assistant coach, is using her platform to raise money to provide food during the coronavirus crisis.

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch and JALEX: Take Back The Power have been postponed while Uncanny Attractions and others canceled events amid rising coronavirus concerns.

Collins believes he contracted the disease on a trip this month. Collins tweeted Thursday evening that he and his partner, Brunson Green, are showing signs of improvement.

Looking for something to do while social distancing? A gay pro baseball player shares his favorite books about LGBT athletes, plus his entire reading list.

Four months before Billie Jean King made a statement for women athletes, Margaret Court had the same opportunity and gagged it away. This week our Ken Schultz took a look back at Court’s historic ass-whooping.

Ultra-distance events are next for pioneer marathoner Megan Youngren, who this week spoke with the Outsports podcast, The Trans Sporter Room.

Anthony Nicodemo

Twitter: Anthony Nicodemo

We asked. They tweeted.

Nicodemo, whose tattoo can be seen above, says the coronavirus outbreak is exposing the inequities in our society and education system.

The Olympics have always been special to LGBTQ athletes and fans, but the 2020 Games must be moved a year later because of the coronavirus. And the very next day, they were.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC president Thomas Bach have agreed to postpone the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo until 2021.

In a perceptive Instagram post, the longtime British Olympic diver vows “to work my tail off” to be ready for 2021.

The next Summer Olympics will have a record number of out LGBTQ athletes. That’s simply been delayed.

Bird says she couldn’t imagine sitting out the 2021 Olympics.

The Final Kombat 2020 champion will be joined by their longtime friend and teammate Jon “Dekillsage” Coello on Evil Geniuses’ fighting games roster.

We learned this week that Bud Budlong died on March 19. His work and his words kept the history of the FrontRunners from being forgotten. He was 82.

With no rugby matches scheduled, Heath is taking to London’s streets to fill his time, and entertain the social media masses.

Social isolation has a way of showing us what is truly important in life, writes Deputy Managing Editor Alex Reimer, host of The Sports Kiki podcast.

Here’s the baker’s dozen on Outsports contributing writer and co-host of The Trans Sporter Room podcast, Karleigh Webb, as we share a little about the people behind the bylines.

Outsports’ ‘get to know you better’ series made our Brian Bell realize how much of a creative dork he sees himself as. Also, sports! Brian hosts our LGBT In The Ring podcast.

The arena where the Pittsburgh Penguins normally play hockey was lit up in Pride colors Tuesday night even though the coronavirus pandemic has suspended the season.

That’s all for this week! I’ll bring you a fresh list of winners and losers next Saturday. Got a name I missed, or want to challenge my choices? Comment here or on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at us, message me via any social media, or just plain email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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