24 Comments on “Thousands join anti-gay marriage protest in Paris”

  1. The God of the bibe loves gay people SO MUCH that he sent his Son Jesus the Christ to die for them; paying the penalty for their sins exactly the same as he did for you and me. Everyone is a sinner before God. We have all gone astray and need Jesus the redeemer. If we claim to love gay people so much why are we not risking out lives and our jobs and our reputations warning them of God's wroth and judgement just the same as we do the common public? Real Christianity fears God more than man and is prepared to be mocked, slandered, ridiculed, imprisoned, spat on, lied about in the media and hated by the left hand path walking, liberal, "progressive" God haters. If I was walking towards the edge of a cliff and you were watching me about to go over and didn't warn me by yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs then I would question your love for me.

  2. I think people should follow their heart,and not people answers

    LGBTQ is a good community,we must respect the people

    Because we are all human aren't we?

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