38 Comments on “Tim Cook on the work still needed for LGBTQ equality”

  1. Tim Cook is anti-free-speech and un-American. Apple has suicide nets around the China iphone factory. Big tech is the enemy of the people ??

  2. TIM COOK is a part of Baphomet, Lucifer, Satan, that's why he is pushing the gender confusion on to people and this is an Abomination, stop mocking God and the Lord!!

  3. Apple should make a belt for all the stuff they build to attach too and maybe boast a back up charge, and redbull should make a backpack stocked with two two liter refillable canisters, so I may IV drop it into my neck.
    and things should get MORE affordable, especially if the product is "the best" for human beings.
    I declare rather than demand??‍♂️

  4. Wait, Tim Cook actually cares about people now? I wonder how LGBTQ rights are at the Foxcom factory Apple subcontracts to? The one where conditions are so bad they had to hang nets below the windows to people would not commit suicide? Tim Cook is a total phony. I watched an interview with him where he said that all Apple products are made in China because he can't find skilled labor in the USA. I bet being able to pay a Chinese worker has nothing to do with it.

  5. It's a disgusting amount of Human hubris to claim that Life, which has been going on for billions of years, just somehow put me in the wrong body and yet somehow I know better than Life. Where's the compelling, damning evidence that shows that the sperm that penetrated the egg was the wrong sperm? As a gay man, i defer to DNA, and if you're DNA shows that you're a male but your feelings make you think you're a girl, you're gonna chop off perfectly functional body parts? I don't call that a call for acceptance; I call that a call for mental counseling to accept Life on its terms. I'll defer to the truth of Science, Evolution and DNA, all of which do not pretend to comport themselves to any one human flawed narrative.

  6. I am sick and tired of this gay stuff we don't jump up and holler and scream because we are straight we don't have parades I work many year with many gay people on my job they all had jobs nobody discriminated against them where you working has nothing to do with your sex if you make it obvious that's another thing I don't agree that people should bother them or harm them that's the way they want to live that's them as long as they're not in 2 children and trying to turn young people into that lifestyle I really don't care and I don't think nobody else do is self some crazy people that think they can abused them that's not right but most of the time it's thrown in your face and RAM down your throat and I don't appreciate that

  7. This guy is a nut. Being trans myself I know what is going on here.i will never fall for this trick. I won't be used as a tool for the left. Save your pity liberals. I do not need you. If you want my vote stop treating me like i am weak. Stop telling me how bad my life is because its better than ever Thanks to Donald Trump and what he as done for the Trans community. He actually did something for us. What have you done? Oh that's right you gave us your pity for the promise of my vote. Not good enough anymore…..

  8. Everyone is equal before the law. That is the only equality that can be achieved in any free society. Anything else is pure evil Communist nightmare.

  9. Gay people have to be the most coddled people of all, a whole month for their feelers. Fourth of July stories around the fourth please

  10. To love someone is to will the good of the other as other.  in other words, if you 'love' someone, then you tell them the truth.  acting on same sex attraction is out of order with the natural law.

  11. I'm a very Gay-accepting but straight libertarian (you know, one of those weirdoes who think their lives and property belong to themselves), and I don't get it. If the anti-sodomy laws are either rescinded or ignored, so that people can express themselves sexually in any non-coercive ways they please, what other "progress" needs to happen? Laws that force straights to like Gays? Sure, that'll work.

  12. In 1969 Stonewall was a location for men known as chicken hawks wanting sex with underage boys. Some of the homosexuals were, indeed, harassed by law enforcement. But the police who raided the place were also getting complaints about homosexuals having sex on the streets and in public bathrooms, and their use of illegal drugs.

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