Tony Perkins asserts racial unrest is due to accommodating “preferences” & “devaluing” of human life


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins

Family Research Council president Tony PerkinsPhoto: Screenshot

Tony Perkins, the leader of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council, penned an op-ed that puts the blame for nationwide riots and protests against police brutality and racial injustice on the back of women and LGBTQ people.

A former policeman, Perkins was a state legislator in Louisianna before taking the helm of FRC. He addressed white supremacists and purchased his campaign mailing list from former-KKK leader David Duke.

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While the unrest stems from years of racial injustice and police brutality, particularly at the expense of Black men, the murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer has spawned massive protests nationwide.

Police forces have further inflamed tensions by attacking peaceful protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets. Riots and looting have happened in some cities.

“The abuse of power, disregard for human life, and the wanton destruction and uncontrolled rage we are witnessing in cities across our country, all flow from a society that is rapidly losing a sense of right and wrong, of transcendent truth,” Perkins writes.

“This loss of a moral consensus is not a new development; what’s happened is that it has reached a crisis point. The foundation of America’s shared morality has been under steady assault for over half a century.”

Perkins does condemn Floyd’s murder, but weighs it with President Donald Trump’s retreat to a presidential bunker as protesters clashed with Secret Service officers and National Guard units outside of the White House multiple times.

“Could there be a connection between the banishment of God, along with His truth from our schools and the broader culture and the steady devaluing of human life?” he asks.

“In the march to push God from our corporate conscience, we’ve left behind the understanding that life has value not because of what it produces or where it resides, but because of Him in Whose image it was created,” he continues. “Instead of self-evident truths, we now claim there is no truth except whatever is desired by each individual according to his or her preferences, preferences that can change by the moment.”

“As a result, episodes of police brutality and burning of cities should come as no surprise; when you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.”


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