Trans People Go Home for the Holidays in Beautiful Pantene Ad


Good hair, do care.

Pantene has partnered with GLAAD and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, the first totally trans-identified choir in America, for an inclusive new holiday ad, People reports.

The ad, set to TCLA’s rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” calls attention to the challenges many trans people face when faced with returning home during the holidays.

“137 million Americans will travel home this holiday season,” an official campaign description reads. “But, 44% of LGBTQ+ people feel they can’t come home as their true selves, fearing their identity (including hair, makeup and personal style) won’t be accepted. Let’s make the most wonderful time of year wonderful for all. Because no matter when you come home, where you call home, or who you come home to—coming home should be #BeautifuLGBTQ.”

Additional #BeautifuLGBTQ videos explore the personal stories of TCLA members Crystal, Steven, Miliana, and MJ.

“To any young trans person coming home for the holidays, stay strong,” Crystal says. “Give them time, because they will come around. You will have joy and you will be loved. I believe that.”

“In the past, it was always nervousness and anxiety,” Miliana recalls. “Now, coming home for the holidays means I have a sense of community and family.”

Pantene’s #BeautifuLGBTQ campaign also addresses the idea of chosen family for LGBTQ people who are unable to return home to their parents and other relatives. “To me, being home is being somewhere where you don’t have to worry about the identity you broadcast to the world,” Steven shares. “Where it all falls away, and you can just be yourself.”

“Home has become such a different definition,” MJ explains. “Home is not just where I lay my head, but it’s the people around me and the people who love me unconditionally.”

“Inclusion is at the heart of Pantene’s mission to celebrate the beauty of all transformations and of all people,” says Procter & Gamble VP Ilaria Resta in a statement. “Hearing these LGBTQ individuals speak about the trials and triumphs of going home for the holidays—as well as their irrepressible desire to be their true selves—will inspire others in the community and remind us all what true beauty is about.”

This year Pantene, which has pledged to donate $100,000 to Family Equality, also promoted National Coming Out Day and Spirit Day on social media.

Watch the #BeautifuLGBTQ spotlights below.

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