Trans Teen Crowned Prom King of His Cape Cod High School

A high school senior who came out as transgender to his school last year was elected prom king at his Cape Cod high school last weekend.

Students at Barnstable High School in Massachusetts have been overwhelmingly supportive of Nick Bulman after he announced he was trans. Last fall his field hockey team held a special Pride game for him and now he’s prom king of the school, according to Boston’s WBZ TV.

Bulman, one of five young men nominated for prom king by Barnstable High teachers, was elected by his fellow students at a Great Gatsby-themed party in Hyannis, where his friend Kalyani Clarke was elected prom queen, according to Cape Cod Times.

“It was really … awesome,” Bulman told the paper. “All my friends hugged me and congratulated me.”

“Eighth-grade me would have never thought I would be here. Especially in a tux,” Bulman added to WBZ. “It just feels like a weight’s off my shoulders — like I can be more free and open with all those around me and I’m happy with myself.”

“It’s been like a really nice surprise and kind of a great acknowledgment from my peers and my community,” he said.

Bulman added that the real win is being able to represent the LGBTQ community and to help others feel comfortable with being their true selves.

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