Trans Woman Has Legendary Response to Unsolicited Dick Pic


What’s a girl to do when she receives an unwanted dick pic?

A 20-year-old Scottish trans woman went viral this week after she shared a screengrab of her perfect response to an aggressive nudie from an unknown admirer.

After the man texted “hey, girl, you are so sexy” and introduced himself with a photo of his, um, croissant, Faye Kinley simply replied with a photo of her, well, eggplant. He flipped out over the flip: “What the hell? Why would you send me that? I’m blocking your number now.”

“This random guy somehow got my number off here and sent me a dick pic and I guess he didn’t appreciate it when I sent a picture of mine back,” Kinley captioned her blast post. “Worked like a charm.”

“Well I saw it and I honestly was not surprised because I get it a lot,” Kinley told PinkNews about receiving the unsolicited image. “For some reason it just crossed my mind to send one back and the response was exactly as I expected.”

“The fact that these men want to clearly have sex with me before even knowing I’m trans and then act all appalled and transphobic afterward just validated to me that it has nothing to do with my gender not being valid,” she continued. The Glasgow resident currently identifies on Instagram as an “intersectional activist” and on Twitter as “that one girl with the dick.”

“Honestly the responses have been 99% positive and funny,” Kinley said of her sudden social media stardom, but her viral post has also attracted more thirsty creepers.

“Yall can either send me money first or yall can shut up about wanting to see my dick,” she tweeted to her new male followers. “Who knew girl cock was this powerful.”

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