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  1. You know we put alot of effort for bathrooms… Why isn't there more effort to aid impoverished people? Or more effort to take down for profit prisons? Or more effort for much more grave societal problems in the world? This is vanity, all this bullshit is vanity. Lack of acceptance of reality. Frail will. I used to support this. Up until the new non-binary movement. What more do you want? Its never enough. Now your potentially damaging kids minds with this weird ideology? They are not old enough to determine whether or not they are trans or whatever else… Its become a poison. I've no more respect for it anymore…

  2. Every branch of the military picks and chooses what rules or regs to follow. I was in the Navy and had a senior chief who was completely out of regs trying to suggest I was out of regs and even though I had the regs she still wrote me up…. . But she wouldn't write up her favorites ???‍♀️

  3. In single stall bathrooms if I have to go and the womens bathroom is occupied I sure will go in the mens bathroom and lock the door??‍♀️ Sure I get funny looks when I come out and some old guy once "reminded " me that it was the mens bathroom…… I just pretended that I didn't know the different signs and had a good laugh when he looked confused ???

  4. It's sad that the thoughts about sexual assault or harrassment is always focused on the victims and telling them what not to do. Sure I protect myself but the best way to help combat sexual assault and sexual harassment is to teach the people who do it NOT to sexually harass or assault people. So Huckabee thinks the problem is where someone wants to use the bathroom and not the fact that he thought like a sexual predator at such a young age.

  5. Who's surprised that people come up with laws or try to find a way to take away people's rights or make certain people second class citizens. The only safe people are straight white , Christian men, but according to trump supporters straight white Christian men are the ones under attack.?? So they've made themselves victims.

  6. i´m 55 year old 5´5 , 265 Pound dude…………but actually, i feel like an 8 year old Girl. so guess what!!!! it´s back to School for me………no issues there, no Problem.

  7. correct me if im wrong but…arent most transgenders attracted to the same sex (as their original sex)?like…for example shemales are attracted to men most of the time,no?so,if a shemale goes into a womens bathroom she wouldnt be ogling the women (since she likes men).

  8. Most places I've been, outside of when I was in school, have just had unisex bathrooms. What's wrong with that? It isn't a new concept either, if you consider old outhouses not having signs for who can use them. I really don't know how to elaborate more on this, as it simply doesn't make sense to me.

  9. I love that bathroom problem. Like, we don't go to the bathroom to eat lunch or, like, anything else. We go there to do number 1 and number 2, wash our hands, re-apply makeup or, like, compose ourselves.
    The easiest way would be to make 1 (one) bathroom, with stalls for everything and a 'communal' room for washing your hands.
    Now, locker rooms? That's a different story. Though I would argue that showers with stalls wouldn't be a bad thing?

  10. She said you have breast implants whatever the are there tasteful.   It's pathetic that people spend so much time on the way a breast looks. Oppose to the fact that there is nothing more beneficial physically mentally spiritually for woman and child then breast-feeding. Here's how you determine one sex how their reproductive organs are functioning. Meaning can you ejaculate or can you get pregnant.   Either way a transgender needs to understand the difference between a dominant gentleman versus a freeloading soft lazy out of shape over fed undernourished external person.   A transgender needs to know the difference between a female that demonstrates high-class sophistication which is a form of femininity at its finest. Opposed to a lonely weak desperate attention seeking run down hole in the wall for specimen of a internal person.                  the bottom line is no one can express or receive love in its entirety if they don't know themselves, so learn your body's capabilities and limitations through health fitness clean air water high sources of nutrition organic GMO free would be best'   combined with formal education or some real hands-on experience with the most extreme situations.   For the key is to become physically fit mentally sound spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom!!! For when one has this level of body awareness it naturally gives them the self-control discipline loyalty devotion appreciation respect confidence to start living up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity which validates confirms and signifies one as being true towards love honor and the creation of life. You might want to take that to heart! Considering if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper? Meaning souls and spirits have paid out are picking up the tab on the end results of dirty low-paying jobs which has resulted in a diminished quality of life coast-to-coast globally. Equally as pathetic the mass majority of the population is living dying off having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential  they were first born with. The only time I need to hear about someone's sexual preference gender is when they are explaining how it is improving upon and maintaining the quality of life.  Personally professionally socially emotionally..                                                                                For that level of commitment passion demonstrated stability will lead to each persons generation becoming stronger smarter healthier happier better off physically mentally financially possibly spiritually then the previous generation case closed. Mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing these facts…… protecting carrying compensating any souls or spirits that are freely connected to a life that does not do its best to improve upon and maintain the quality of it.   Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim.

  11. I appreciate that this was a topic, I hope Last Week Tonight can cover it again, because though it was wonderful that they brought attention to this, they barely scratched the surface of oppression on the trans community. I hope if they come back to this they bring attention to the violence trans people face (including abuse, sexual assault, and murder), the discrimination the Trump administration is fueling, and medical discrimination (such as ambulance workers refusing care to trans people).
    Thanks John, I love your work 🙂

  12. Less than a month after I came out as trans at my school this one guy asked me if I got a dick yet, I replied, "have you?" It shut him u p and he actually ended up supporting me when another kid purposefully used my dead or birth name, luckily my name is now legally changed and I'm on the waiting list to see a gender specialist at the Melbourne children's hospital in Australia

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