Trump Fan Yells Anti-Gay Slurs At MAGA March, Wishes Cops Had Kneeled On Floyd’s Neck ‘Longer’


A Donald Trump supporter was caught on video shouting anti-gay slurs at counter-protesters at the “Million MAGA March” in D.C. this Saturday.

“Fuck all you fa***ts,” the man, seen wearing a red “Trump 2020” hat with fake orange hair attached, can be heard shouting in the video.

The man was also seen wearing a T-shirt that said, “Legal votes matter,” a reference to the conspiracy theories being pushed by the president in recent weeks claiming that President-elect Joe Biden won the election because of massive voter fraud.

Journalist Chuck Modi spoke with the Trump supporter shouting anti-gay slurs at the march about George Floyd, the unarmed Black man in Minneapolis who was killed earlier this year by officer Derek Chauvin, who was filmed kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost nine full minutes as he cried out: “I can’t breathe.”

The man blamed Floyd for his own death before saying Chauvin should have kneeled on his neck for longer than the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that he did.

“They should have done it fu-king longer, they should have done it longer,” he said.


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