28 Comments on “Trump on gay rights”

  1. Am I the only one noticing that he said "a hateful FOREIGN ideology" so you can interpret that as, for example, it's not ok for Islamic people to be hateful towards LGBTQ+ people (which I totally agree with) but the Christians in America can be as hateful as they want because they aren't foreign…. Just a thought.. One can only hope it's not meant like that but it does seem like a way to pour more hate towards any other religion (probably Islam if you concider the whole picture) and not so much to actually defend the LGBTQ+ community.. Just my interpretation.. ?

  2. I’m religious and the gay thing is pretty gross, like I wouldn’t like a man that is trans it go in a girls bathroom that’s weird ugh

  3. Sad to me about this sorry him a lot This led to the end of a few great civilizations when people did not care about anything other than power lost morality

  4. He banned transgenders in the military for costs reasons, I'm a heart transplant and they won't let me join because they don't want to pay for the medications. Also Trump is telling foreign countries that have laws against homosexuality that he'll cut them off any trade if they continue to oppress lbgt people. Look it up.

  5. How is the President on Gay Marriage, and gay rights today? reason I ask is Canada posted something about him wanting to take Gay Rights away is that true? Or are they making it up?

  6. Stay in your own bathroom, female in female, and Male in Male. Period. No one cares if you think your a different gender. Because your not a woman if you were born a man.

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