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  1. This isnt right, wallah. It may be true but these videos exposing him. And all the hate this man is getting is not right. He made comments saying he was ignorant of all this. We should have husna than and think best of our Muslim brother

  2. My brother .. I hope to host Shamsi The story of his departure from Sufism to the people of the Salaf And the best ways to call to Islam And the most famous of his positions in the debates of the Christian missionaries And seeking knowledge And the most important books for English-speaking Muslims to understand Islam And how it deals with Muslim preachers who studied philosophy more than understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah And why al'iikhwan almuslimin hate Sheikh Muhammad Aman Al-Jami and Sheikh Al-Madkhali? And do Sheikh Al-Jami and Al-Madkhali have new ideas in Islam? And Islam has ruled to overthrow the Muslim rulers?

  3. Everyone judging what these people are doing I bet none of you are perfect. If you really were perfect you would not be judging anyone as we have no right. I know some might say well we never said we were perfect. So then be very careful what you say because all your words and actions will need to be accounted for.
    Lets see what you will say on the day of judgment when you are asked why you said something so bad about a person. Only Allah has the right over us. May we all be guided to what is good for us and what will bring us closer. I hope we can all unite in good rather than fighting. Ameen.

  4. I'm Muslim and I agree with the wall. America is a debtor nation, they do not have the means nor right to socialize the earnings of tax payers. The FED cannot keep printing money out of thin air to help refugees. The guys at the border were very reasonable, if you want to help the refugees, nothing is stopping you from aiding them across the border or sending them your own money. Or do you expect Uncle Sam to keep pick-pocketing tax payers? Theft is haraam. Trump is smarter than the Democrats.

  5. I think he needs to get a refund from Medina University – we need some sort of investigation – what are they teaching people at Medina University all these messed up Imams in America flying outta there with thia craziness.

  6. The obedience to Allah (swt) his prophet (sa) and the 12 divinely commissioned Imams are inseparable: no one can claim obedience to Allah while at the same time rejecting or disobeying the Holy prophet and his 12 Legatees. Sunnism is "Islam" minus the Wilaya (the divinely commissioned leadership) of the 12 Imams of the Ahlul-Bayt of the Messenger of Allah swt. The Sunnis rejection of the 12 Imams is nothing but Self defeat. The Sunnis are sunni because they exclude themselves from the Ahlul-Bayt's part of Allah's Grand Plan for the Leadership of Mankind. The Saqifah rebellion against the commands of Allah (swt) marked the beginning of the most notorious rebellion in the history of mankind. That rebellion is the disunity of the Muslim Ummah and the beginning of shame, humiliation, defeat, wandering endlessly in the sea of hypocrisy, seditious shedding of Muslim blood and all the evils plaguing the ummah today. The realities facing us today show that the majority of muslims are standing very firmly behind the rebellion against Wilaya either intentionally if they are knowledgeable or unintentionally if they have no knowledge of the early history of Islam. Those who are not exposed to our authentic history are, however, exposed to a denatured version of it. That Islam which rejects the Ahlul-Bayt (as) is like a seed without an embryo. Biologically speaking, a seed without an embryo cannot germinate. When you plant it, it decays instead of producing a new plant for the benefit of all. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Islam built around the heinous coup d'etat has dragged the nation of Islam into internal rebellion, bloody wars and humiliations at the hand of tyrannical rulers & oppressive monarchs.

    @ O you who believe, obey Allah and obey the messenger and those in Authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger.

    Again, most muslims have no clue what this means. If you are a Muslim do you know who is in Authority of the Muslims today? The Quran says someone is in Authority. If you are Muslim and do not know who is in authority you really have misunderstood what Islam is. There was a final will and testament that most Muslims have never heard of. The following:

    Final Will and Testament-Hadith Al-Thaqalayn at Ghadir Khumm

    Then he said to them, “Dear People, listen to me carefully. Allah (SWT) has ordered me to inform you that I will soon depart from this world to meet my Lord. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to both of them, you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my progeny, which is my Ahlul-Bayt (the People of my Household). The two shall never separate from each other until they meet me by the Pool) on the Day of Judgment. So my advice to you is that you be obedient and loyal to them. Do not go ahead of them or stay behind or you shall go astray.” Then the Prophet (SA) asked them, “Who is more worthy of your obedience than yourselves?” The people answered, “God and His Messenger know better.” The Prophet (SA) asked them, “Do I not deserve your obedience as Allah (SWT) mentioned in His dear Book?” So, they answered, “Yes, yes we testify to that.” Then, the Prophet (SA) leaned forward and raised the hand of Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS) from among them and made him stand in front of him, showing him to everyone. Then he said loudly, “As I am worthy of your obedience, Ali is also worthy of your obedience. Whoever I am his guardian, Ali is also his guardian too.” Then, he raised his hands to the heavens and prayed to his Lord, “Oh God, safeguard those who take him as guardian, and be the enemy of those who take him as enemy. Give victory to those who support him, and let down those who let him down Then the Prophet (SA) asked them, “Have I not conveyed the order of Al¬lah (SWT) to you?” They all replied in one unanimous voice, “Yes, yes.” Then he raised his hands to the heavens and said, “Oh God, bear witness to that.” Then he announced, “You may now be dismissed, and may those present inform the absent with what they heard from me.” (1)

    Notice the key words above, be an enemy of those who take him as an enemy and let down those who let him down Nothing will ever change today as long as “Muslims” defy the final will and testament of Allah’s final prophet and are an enemy and let down towards the followers of the 12 Imams.

    @5 “And whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him and follows other than the way of the believers – We will give him what he has taken and drive him into Hell, and evil it is as a destination.”


  7. Epic fail from this miskeen "imam", May Allah Azza wa Jal rectify him and grant him guidance ameen before it's too late, beware of ignorant imams calling to the gates of Jahanam

  8. This is exactly the problem we have in certain sectors of our Muslim world. We 'cut off the head that harbours a tooth-ache'. Personally I find it abhorrent to partake in any non -Islamic event, even wearing a 'crucifix' ritual (silk)tie around my neck. Now how many of us as Muslim, do that act of donning the tie around our necks everday. Do I then 'cut off by the neck that wears the tie'! Absolutely NOT! I live in a Christian westernised nation, but I am very happy to associate with like-minded people within my own Muslim community. So brothers in Islam, beware of pointing a finger at some unwitting misdemeanour of another, 'cause three always point back at you, for which you shall account for!
    "See with your eyes only the beauty in a person"
    "Hear with your ears only the good of a person".
    "Speak with your tongue only good of a person"..

  9. Astaghfirullah! Don't disrespect these scholars. Look at yourselves how much have you done for the deen? Did Prophet Muhammad S.A.W not stand up out of respect when a non muslims funeral went by? Remember actions depend on intentions. Did Prophet Muhammad S.A.W not wrestle with Rukana to make him a muslim? Who would have thought the legend Omar R.A would have become a Khalifa knowing his background? As muslims we should always make excuses for the other Muslims actions.

  10. I do not know this was wrong. I am muslim. What Brother Omar doing is for supporting the Immigrant not for supporting LGBTQ matter. If he was standing with other religion even atheist as long as not corrupting his Aqidah is not a problem. Why between muslim you like to say something bad about your own brother. try find something not there by steering the story that he was sell his Aqidah. see the cause. Are we muslim is not part of the society?for example I will help my friend even LGBTQ when he/she was hungry or being beaten but will not supporting him/her for let say witnessing and supporting their marriage. So in this video I see any kind of religion or liberal supporting 1 humanity problem about Immigrant and give time for each ritual to showing their contribution but it doesn't I combine their believe. Please clean your heart, and rather you are doing this kind of video, just ask for discussion with him directly. Not a good muslim will just accusing people and spread it without do clarification. Are this really Muslim site? and this last video, just wondering was it same Video? cause in Brother Omar section only part of his speech, and not full space in that video…

  11. You got a point, but I think we shouldn’t throw each other under the bus like that cuz ppl apus and d wood bash Islam so much that we all need to work as a unit to fix these negative narratives and shed good light towards Islam💪

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