Up-and-coming drag queen killed by drunk driver, dead at just 25 years old


Up-and-coming drag queen killed by drunk driver, dead at just 25 years old

RIP GiGi | Photo: Facebook

A driver was killed after a crash with a drunk driver in Chicago on 18 July.

Jherrion Bates, who performed as GiGi Mayonaé, left Black Girl Magic – a major drag show.

He died at the age of 25.

He was driving northbound in the 3500 block of North Halsted Street at around 2.30am.

Gerrik Birt, 30, then allegedly sped southband and swerved around one car into the oncoming lane and hit Bates’ car head-on.

Bates’ car stopped after striking a parked car on the side of the street, authorities said.

The front end of Birt’s vehicle also burst into flames.

The 47-year-old man, who Birt swerved around to miss, also suffered minor injuries.

Drag queen killed after drunk driver hit her car head on

Bates and the man were both taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment, police also said.

The 25-year-old drag performer said he broke his pelvic bone in the crash and was due for surgery.

Three days later, however, he died at 1.50pm on Sunday (21 July).

An autopsy released the following day said he died of a blood clot in his leg from injuries to his hip in the crash. Obesity was also a contributing factor, according to the medical examiner’s officer.

The death was ruled accidental, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Birt was arrested and charged with a felony count of DUI, three misdimeanor counts of DUI and driving while uninsured. Police said he was also issued with several traffic citations.

Cook County Judge David Navarro held Birt on a $10,000 bail, according to county records. Birt, who lives in Bridgeport, was released the next day after posting bond. He is due in court again on Wednesday.

Up-and-coming drag star

The Vixen runs Black Girl Magic – the drag show GiGi performed in.

She wrote: ‘GiGi deserves better. Driver was three times over the limit. People come to [Black Girl Magic] to feel safe. They should be able to get home safely too.’

Maxine LaQueene also paid tribute to her sister on the GoFundMe.

‘As we all know, our dear sister Gigi Mayonaè has passed away,’ she said.

‘Right now, the family is dealing with a lot regarding her death, and planning a funeral/wake takes a lot of time and money.’

She also said: ‘Anything you can donate helps! And please share this fundraiser on whatever social media platforms you have. Gigi was and always will remain a genuine and beautiful human being in our hearts!’

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