US Women’s Soccer Stars Ali Kreager, Ashlyn Harris Announce Adoption Of Baby Girl


National Women’s Soccer League stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris on Sunday announced an addition to their family, a new baby girl they adopted named Sloane Phillips.

The pair – who were wed in December 2019 – announced the adoption of a daughter in an Instagram post on late Sunday, which also featured photos of the new baby,

According to Krieger, the adopted baby was born on Feb. 12 and weighed in at 6 pounds and 11 ounces.

“Welcome to our family, Sloane Phillips.. we are so in love with you already! This has been one of the most beautiful yet stressful processes I’ve ever experienced with you, @ashlynharris24 and I love you even more throughout this journey, if that’s even possible,” Krieger wrote in the post.

“When we first dated, we always spoke about adoption and always wanted to give a child a loving, happy and stable home. I cannot wait to give her the world and be the best Mom I can be with you right by my side,” Krieger continued in the post.

Krieger said the adoption was the best “Valentine’s Day gift we’ve ever received” and also thanked her and Harris’s families, friends, “agency, teammates and coaches” for their support throughout the adoption process.

She also wrote a direct note to the birth mom in the post, promising that “Sloane will be loved every single day” by her and Harris, their “friends and our family.”

“We promise to give her the tools to live a happy, successful life of inclusivity and support. We promise to share her adoption story with her from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone!” she wrote.

“We promise to encourage her to follow her dreams no matter how big or small. We promise to be open minded and respect your wishes to have future communication and that she will always know how much you love her!” she added.

The U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team also congratulated Krieger and Harris on the adoption on Sunday.


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