Viral Video Shows Bored Trump Fans Leaving MAGA Rally Early While Trump Was Still Ranting: WATCH


President Donald Trump was ruthlessly mocked online after a video emerged online showed dozens of his supporters leaving his rally early as he was still delivering a speech to the crowd.

“Alright guys, no reason to stay to the end,” a man can be heard mocking people as they left Trump’s rally.

“Are you guys leaving early?” another man can be heard asking a woman seen walking toward the exit.

“Yes!” the woman responded.

“Good!” the man filming says to her.

“Good?” the woman asks.

“Yeah, it’s boring,” the man tells her as she laughs.

Twitter mocked Trump’s inability to keep his supporters’ attention just days before Election Day, with one writing: “When you get tickets to see a band and they really, really suck.”

“Want to make sure they don’t get stuck there in the cold,” joked one Twitter user, referring to last week’s incident where dozens of Trump supporters were treated for hypothermia after they were left stranded in freezing temperatures after a Trump rally. “They picked up some COVID and left,” joked another.


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