Watch a Youth Come Out to Steve Zahn as Transgender in ‘Cowboys’ Clip


A youth comes out to his father as transgender in the exclusive clip below from Cowboys.

In the scene, Joe (Sasha Knight) explains to his dad Troy (Steve Zahn) why he no longer wants to wear dresses — namely, because he is a boy.

Zahn’s character is at first confused by the assessment, mistaking his child for a tomboy who is dress-averse. But Joe explains that he was born “in the wrong body” and feels like he had been abducted by aliens.

When Troy speculates that what Joe is feeling must be the onset of puberty, Joe replies, “I’m not confused. I’ve known my entire life.”

Directed by Anna Kerrigan, Cowboys follows Troy and Joe into the Montana wilderness as they run away from Sally (Jillian Bell), Joe’s mother who is unaccepting of his trans identity. There, they must tackle the challenges of the wilderness as well as pursuing law enforcement.

Watch the emotional father-son moment from the film below.


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