25 Comments on “We Didn't Go To A Gay Wedding. What Do We Say When Asked Why? – Your Questions, Honest Answers”

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  2. Or you can nicely say that it’s none of their business. I suspect the people asking already know the answer but they want to confirm it or find something to gossip about.

  3. My boyfriend was in the same position when his sister “married” a woman. Needless to say his family did not attend nor have they ever referred to them as married but they still love his sister and she’s welcome to all family events, holidays ect, and thankfully attending church again.

  4. free speech and expression opinions or beleifs is apparently now restrictded to non christians , a sign of the times .
    i like one add quoting far right vegans , killing animals is murder but abortion thats fine , theyre living in a narcisistic dream world imop, im not against veganism it has great health benefits especialy for cancer patients as seen in the movie forks over knives.

  5. Not all Christians hate gay people. I'm Christian and I accept homosexual people openly. What did Jesus say? Love thy neighbor. It isn't loving the neighbor when you refuse to celebrate one of the most important times in a person's whole life

  6. I know many good hearted homosexual married women whom i love. Most recently my sister informed us she is marrying a woman and i questioned do i say congratulations or I'm happy for you ???i don't think i should. I still love my sister and enjoy her company but i don't think i will attend her wedding if it actually happens.

  7. What about your own child? How could one not attend their own child's wedding? She was raised in church and knows the truth! We are Christians and have struggled with her personal choice but I don't want to lose her! We, her family, may be the only light to God she has…??? What do we do?

  8. Just because we don't believe in same sex marriage doesn't mean we have the right to judge another human being , we're not god .. god made us all , he created us the way he wanted too so what give us the right to question his creation ? .. we really need to stop this judging of one another and bless anyone who needs God's blessing regardless of race , religion, sex etc we are all one in this and need to stop separating ourselves and spread God's love .. god bless you all yes even if you're gay god loves you just as much as he does the rest of us .

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