50 Comments on “Wedding video of Sree and Suchandra | Lesbian Indian Wedding in Kolkata”

  1. Yei rkm koto jon yer vagge hy??kopal krte hbe..vlobaslei je ami take pbo yei chaoya tai vul. Akhn to jake vlobasa hoi take to paoyai jai na..

  2. Bahut lucky ho aap …bhagwan aapko sari khushiya de… Maine v meri lover se shadi karny ki sochi thi…mgr vo chhod kr chli gayi mujhe…?????i really miss you my life…

  3. Hats off to the the one who made this video and had the courage to upload it on YouTube. Queer youth in India needed this great source of inspiration. I'm a young lesbian from India myself and in the future, hope to marry the person I love with the support of our families. I never realised that a lesbian wedding had taken place way back in 2015! Much love to them.?

    Edit: This comment got highlighted in under 15 mins. I'm in the closet but I love my bff and she knows I'm gay. 100 likes and I'll tell her how I feel.

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