28 Comments on “What do Romanians think of gay marriage?”

  1. Frumoasa inițiativa …. păcat ca suntem asa bigoți ?…mai durează pana ajungem și noi la nivelul altor tari din punctul asta de vedere…cât despre cei care sunt împotriva relațiilor între persoane de acelasi sex ce pot sa zic …doar ca poate aveți copii sau frați care sunt gay dar nu o sa va zică pentru ca sunteți homofobi??‍♂️

  2. Well i belive that evey child needs loving parents,redardless of theire gender,and i think that instead of kids being orphans ,they should have a loving family.And there are soo many lgbtqia+ members that would be much better parents then some straight people are and would be.
    The thing “I just can t accept it” makes me MAD?.F you dude.

  3. I'm proud that all eastern europian countries are homophobic also i'm waiting for that trash people who will say something like "go back in ur cave" or "you're not open minded for this continent" and my response for this is just beacuse we don't accept this dosen't mean we are living in caves or we're retards, this is our opinion and you need to accept it like other countries accepted this comunity named lgbt, have a nice day 😀

  4. So, they are not homophobic overall. There are more who are pro than against. And the ones who are against are not against the persons, but just against the same-sex marriage

  5. I am Romanian. I am gay. And all of my friends know about me and two of my teachers from my highschool k ow about me that I even have a boyfriend. I always am holding my boyfriend's hand in public and nobody says anything. I agree with gay marriage. Amd my friends always are glad that I am gay and all people accept me

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